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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Collection of Summer Freebies For You

It's BETTER HEARING and SPEECH MONTH and to celebrate I thought why not treat everyone with freebies for the end of the year and summer!

In the early days of blogging here (almost 3 years now) I would share websites and web pages that I came across that I thought you might not know about.  Boy Oh! Have things changed in a short period of time!  There has been an explosion of idea sharing with the rise of social media!  Now we share things on Facebook pages,  LinkedIn, Twitter and our blogs on a daily basis.  I might also mention that the number of SLPs blogging has increased dramatically.  How does one keep up?  I know I have a hard time and I'm retired and live in the cyber world!

Even though everyone has their own bloggers they love to follow and many sources from which you get your information, I still wanted to share some FREEBIES with you to take you through May and the Summer!  It's been a while since I shared just FREEBIES :) so enjoy this post and pass it on!

I made a "call for FREEBIES" from some of my special SLP friends and they came through with some fabulous treats for you.  Happy BHSM everyone!

Shannon Lisowe shared 2 books that she felt would be good for over the summer-

Kristen Cummings shared some animals-

Jessica Chase had 5 delightful things to share with you-

Carrie Manchester offered this great barrier game-

Maureen Wilson was happy to share this fun synonym match-

From Jenn Alcorn you get these 2 fun things- She says swimming and ice cream=summer!..and  I think we all would agree!

Nicole Allison passed along more ice cream-

TeachSpeech wants us to have a Bee-utiful summer with this-

Kristine Lindsay has some WH Q's to share along with some True False-

Rachel Jones bugged out on us-

Lindsey Swanson-Karol was happy to get us all "shaped up" for a parade-

There are so many fun things here, now go to their blogsites and TPT stores and load up on summer fun!

I am ever so thankful for these ladies for participating in this blog post.  As you see these gals are just wonderful peeps that I am happy to call my FRIENDS!  SLPs are the BEST!



  1. Thanks for this great list AND for including me! You are so awesome :)

    Crazy Speech World

  2. Thanks for putting this together!

  3. You girls deserve the thanks for your willingness to share!

  4. I sat and did downloads all day during my office day instead of calling people and doing my end of the month report! MAHALO FOR SHARING E DEAN!!! You da BES'!!!
    Aloha Pumehana, Genie

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