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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to School!

August 2nd and it's already back to school for many SLPs. In my 31 years of working in public school, I never lost those feelings of excitement and anticipation at the beginning of a new year. Everything in my physical space would be clean, neat, and organized, and there was always that smell of newness. It was like a new beginning and I was always full of hope and promise that this year would be different. That this year wouldn't be as difficult as the last.

It is those last two sentences in the above paragraph about which I want to talk. Through this blog, Leah and I hope to make this school year different for you. We hope to help you tackle some of your daily challenges of organizing yourself, deal with the various problems on your caseload, spice up your therapy, and guide you in finding help when you need it. In short, we hope this blog will be a hands on resource you can turn to each week.

You can expect to find a new blog from me each Monday morning to start your week off on a positive note. I'll be having a cup of coffee as I write them and hope you'll join me with a cup and relax as you read them. I'll try to be concise and not ramble as much as I do when I talk.

I have organized all the information from our 2 short courses into 12 different series. Here is a preview of the upcoming series:
1. Back to school refresher of screenings and evaluations-a 6 part series;
2. Organizing yourself and your space-a 6 part series;
3. Oral Motor-a 2 part series;
4. Eliciting Sounds-a 7 part series;
5. Online resources for AAC-a 5 part series;
6. Online resources for Autism-a 6 part series;
7. Interactive resources online-a 4 part series;
8. Printable resources online-a 2 part series;
9. Subscription sites-a 4 part series;
10. Must Have sites-a 4 part series;
11. Help line-a 3 part series
12. Tech tips for your speech room-a 2 part series.

We welcome your comments or even a simple "hi"!

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Have a GREAT year! See you next Monday!
Dean :)