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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"March" Into 25% OFF Spring Games

The winter has not been so bad in my little world, but I am not a cold weather person, so I find myself yearning for SPRING.  It's the rebirth, the awaking of sleepy headed nature, the newness of life and the anticipation of summer fun that thrills my soul.  I know it's at least 3 weeks until it is officially SPRING, but I can't wait!  Along with my daydreaming about warm sunny days came a spurt of creativity.  So today I want to share with you 3 of those little creations, and offer them to you at a limited time discount of 25% off.  They will be selling for $2 after this sales event, but for this introductory promotion you can get them for $1.50! This discount will be in effect from Mon. 2/25/13 through Thurs. 2.28/13.  This is a great time to buy one of my opened ended games to see just how fun they are! I'm a fun person and I love having fun with my kids in therapy.  Those of you who know me personally can attest to that :)  All three of these games are open ended which means you can use any speech or language stimuli as your targets making these appropriate for use in any of your therapy sessions!

1. Flowers and Bees 

 In this game you are collecting flowers to win.

But there are all these pesky bees that get in the way!

Luckily bee hives offer help.

2. Are You a Lucky Leprechaun?


There are two ways to play this game.  You can win by collecting the most coins or by making the most matches.  Vary the rules to keep the game fresh and interesting.  Perhaps you want to have two winners by allowing both ways to win.

3. Rainbows and Smiles


This little board game is packed with fun.  As with the game above there are two different ways to win or you can choose to have two winners for each game.  One way it to be the first person to reach the FINISH space and the other is to be the one with the most SMILES!   We sold this as a ready made game when we operated as 2 Gals Speech Products.  Now you can purchase the download and make your own!

REMEMBER:  When you buy a product from any of us on Teacher Pay Teachers if you leave feedback you get credits which can be applied to your next purchases!  So go in and see if you can rack up some credits by leaving comments before you shop!  If you have any credits on hand you can probably get these games for practically nothing.  I got a $4 download the other day for $1.65 by using my credits!  Cha-ching!!

Also share this with your co-workers and colleagues and don't forget to follow me, please.

"Hoppy" Spring Everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

POP UP SALE 3 hrs only

Sending Love to you on Valentine's Day by having a POP UP SALE!

3 hours only my TpT store 50% off my Shipped Hard Goods CDs!

That is the Adventure Pack Software

FAME Articulation Workbook

FAME Preschool Workbook

FAME Artic Cards

Share the LOVE!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abe and George Presidents Day Game (again)

Last year I offered the Abe & George Presidents Day game to you all for free.  It was well received and I bet I emailed it out to about 400 SLPs & teachers!   To my surprise I have been receiving emails again requesting the pdf.  So indulge me as I tell everyone again how/where you can get it.  It is still FREE by the way :)

This game can be frustrating challenging to play so adapt it to make it fun for your sessions.

It is now available year round in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Please go download it and share the link with your friends.  While you are there why not pick up the other free games in my store!  

I would ask that if you like my games to please click the "Follow Me" button and never miss being informed when I upload new games and activities.   Also, please leave feedback on your downloads and get credits towards your next purchases from TpT.

Have fun with your kids in therapy!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Another storage idea

Kim Carr share this great idea via email and gave me permission to pass it on :)

After 17 years of SLP-ing this is the system that works the best for me.... 6x9 brown envelopes! I glue the title, instructions and all information needed on the outside of the envelope then I run the whole envelope through the laminator.  Carefully cut open the opening of the envelope and it holds all the cards (that I have laminated).

Dollar store containers hold the envelope great.

I think I have 300+ envelopes!

Love this idea, Kim!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Storage Solutions for Games & Activities

This post was prompted by a recent question posed to a group of SLPs on Facebook and a tweet from a dear friend of mine.  How do you store your therapy materials specifically games/activities?

That Facebook question garnered numerous responses and here are what I deemed as the top suggestions:

  • 3 Ring Binders --for full page activities (Natalie Synders)
  • Binders --set up by month or theme (Dana Mekowsky Hagan)
  • Crates--filled with file folders or gallon size ziplock baggies (Lauren Lacour)
  • 3x5 index boxes--storage for cards (Patti Trukey Bohlman)
  • Brown Envelops--stored in crates or file cabinets   (SpeechTime Fun)
  • File Box--used same as crates (me & Rachel Jones)
  • Clear Shoeboxes--for game cards and stored on shelves/bookcases (me)

 Now there were a couple of responses that deserved their own recognition:

  1. Natalie Snyders shared her brilliant idea from Pinterest

2. Dana Meskowsky Hagan shared this idea on her SLP for me facebook page

An additional comment to Dana's pencil pouches was to use ziplock baggies and add a strip of Duct tape on the opposite end from the opening and punch holes in the tape to keep in a binder. (Amy Minor said that).  

Isn't Social Media the bomb for sharing ideas?

A couple of my latest downloadable board games on TpT come as 2 page layouts.  A dear friend of mine, Mary Huston, tweeted yesterday that she had come up with a brillant idea for storing them, so let me share that too.

She said to use Velcro.  She attached one strip of the rough velcro side on one end of the game board and the fuzzy velcro side to the other page but on the back. she trimmed the pages so that they would fit perfectly together.  I'm sure my description doesn't make sense so let me use pictures to show you what she did.

So then when she goes to store it away she only has to turn it around and velcro them together as one page.

I replied back to her that I do that but instead of velcro I just tape the 2 pages together with the face side matched up but don't tape the back and they will fold closed for storage. 

Another suggestion I had was to tape the game board to the table so it stays stable when in use.  Since the game is laminated the tape peels off easily. 

So my question to you is how do you store your therapy games/activities?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Look what I bought during today's TpT sale!

Did you know about the Teacher Pay Teachers Super Sunday Sale going on today?

Well if you didn't you can still get in on it because it doesn't close until midnight Hawaii time :)

Not only that but several of us are continuing our sale through Monday!

(I'd like to thank Jenna Rayburn for this adorable banner!)

Taking a cue from Jenna Rayburn I decided to share what I bought today from the fine sellers at Teachers Pay Teachers.  You must bear in mind that, since I no longer work as a speech therapist, I don't purchase therapy products.  I only purchase things that I can use to create games and cards, etc. so my purchases are limited.  However, I have to say that I have seen so many items that are so wonderful it makes me want to go back to work!!  Seriously they do! I'd love to use them in a therapy session. There are some seriously ROCKIN' SLPs creating therapy materials today that's for sure!

Anyway today I bought lots of clip art.

I have had these wishlisted for a while now and decided to pick them up while they are on sale Checkerboard Backgrounds by Mercedes Hutchens.  You'll see these in a new therapy product coming your way soon.

I also bought these cute Chevron Frames by Mercedes Hutchens. How cute are they?

With the money I was saving by buying these things on sale and using my TpT credits today I could afford to pick up Ashley Hughes' 12 Mini Game Boards.

 Now with all this new clip art I can't wait to start creating!!

So take advantage of this sale today or tomorrow and pick up those things you've been dying to purchase!  This is also a good time to try some of the FREEBIES by the different SLPs out there to see if you can find the ones that click with your way of doing therapy.  There is something for every style of therapy. I guarantee it.