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Monday, May 21, 2012

Educate Yourself about GOOGLE

You may think today's post is a bit outside the box, since it is not focusing on a direct speech or language topic, but I bet there are many SLPs like myself who are unfamiliar or just inexperienced with the many fantastic things one can do with Google.  The word "google" is synonymous with search engine to many of us. I am not sure of the statistics but I would be surprised if it is not the number one search engine.  Without a doubt that is what Google is best known.  Many like myself use Gmail and their calendar, but there are several other things Google can do.  So for the older SLPs out there who are technology immigrants like myself and just learning how to maneuver within the world of technology I write this for you. 

I came across this website which is a resource of free educational web tools and mobile apps for educators. There is a vast amount of useful information here, too much in fact for me to just summarize it as a good site to keep. Perhaps I will come back to this site at a later date and focus on another topic but today we will just look at the tab "Google Tools."  This is the page I want you to see  

You will find 20 different articles there explaining the different tools and services that can be accessed.  Each tool is explained in clear and concise language and many have a video.  Here is a sampling of what you will find:
  • Google Knowledge Graph-a service to improve search functionality.
  • Google Drive-an alternative to Google docs.
  • Google Search for Educators-provides a wide variety of lesson plans and live training sessions.
  • Google+ 8 ways students can use it.
  • Pin Drop-to bookmark favorite locations on Google Maps
  • Google Art Projects 3d Tour-visit inside popular museums.
  • Google Caption Game-add captions to comics  
There are many others for you to explore.

If you are like me and have not taken the time to educate yourself or develop your skills in technology, this looks like a great way to begin.

Have fun with your kids this week as you prepare for summer.
Leah and Dean

Leah J Musgrave, M.S. CCC-Sp
Dean Trout, retired SLP


  1. Great post 2Gals. Technology is here and many schools and businesses are turning to Google and all the things Google does as alternatives to other tech. We need to make sure we understand it ourselves so we can help our client base be successful in the real world. Thanks for the link!

  2. I am the owner of and I just want to thank you very much for sharing my articles with your reads. I am glad the benifit is generalised to encompass more and more teachers and educators

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