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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Changes are Coming!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

Big changes are coming to this blog!

Be prepared for the following:

1. I will be changing the name of this blog to "Your SLPMomma says"  

2. All archived posts will remain active as many of you reference the eliciting sounds and some of the other posts from time to time.  

3. Since Leah and I no longer operate as a business entity, the new blog will have a new url and reflect only my thoughts and opinions.  If anyone is worried don't be, she and I are still best friends ;)  

4. My new format will still offer tips and tricks but as your SLPMomma it will include life lessons, advice, and humor beyond the scope of speech therapy.  

5. It will also serve as a space to advertise my products and sales events.  Giving you a heads up in case that annoys you.  

Look for the new blog name starting SEPT 16, 2013!

Hope you will continue on with me in my role as your SLPMomma :)



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