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Monday, March 11, 2013

Speech FlipBook

As I have stated in previous blogs I don't write app reviews because I don't own an iPad or an iTouch but occasionally I will come across an app that I know I'd be buying if I were still working.  When I find these jewels, I like to pass on the information and you can decide if you wish to look at them.

A disclaimer: I am not getting any type of compensation to talk about this today.

I am totally impressed with the Speech Flipbook by  I first saw a few sample pictures of this a few weeks ago when Megan Sutton was tweeting about it.  I was so anxious for this to hit the market.  I love everything about this app.  

It looks easy to use and is fully customizable: 

  • 1: Select sounds & clusters to create single-syllable words

  • 2: Flip between sounds or words to target any of the 3 parts of the syllable

  • 3: Record words for instant feedback

You can target many goals other than just articulation:

  • Create minimal pairs easily or generate specific phonological environments

  • Phonological awareness, phonics, & rhyming exercises are at your fingertips

  • Apraxia therapy starts with single syllables: progress from V to CV to CVC to CCVC & on!

  • Articulation, dysarthria, speech perception, & accent reduction therapy made easy

    This app offers you: 
    • Over 15 V, 50 VC, & 150 CV real words

    • More than 1000 CVC words & 1000 words with clusters

    • Includes over 250 sets of homophones

    • Create over 60,000 combinations of words & non-words for extra practice

And perhaps the deciding factor is the price of $4.99.  Wow! What a product!  Talk about bang for your buck this is it!

Take a look at the basics in this YouTube video .   Here is another video showing it demonstrated. 

This one is definitely worth taking the time to investigate.  You can it purchase it through the Apple App store. has other apps you may find useful as well.  I know they are popular for meeting the needs of adult aphasia patients, so be sure check those out as well!


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