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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Good Morning Everyone! This is a new week and we have a new organizing tip to share. Today we going to talk about clipboards and how to use them to keep yourself organized.

If you were training as a Speech Therapist back in the 1970’s, you would have been easily identified by your little white lab coat and clipboard. That was standard issue when doing your clinical work. I was very glad to see that trend fade away, but clipboards are a handy little thing to possess.

I kept a clipboard on the side of my table with my weekly work schedule on it, so that I could keep up with which group comes next. I suppose this could have been due to my failing memory, but nonetheless it was especially handy, if I had been in a meeting, with keeping me on track. It was also useful when a new kid was placed on my caseload in remembering with which group they would be coming to therapy. As we all know kids come and go all year long. We never have a static caseload.

Leah also kept one on her therapy table with her weekly schedule. She would print a copy at the beginning of each week of her schedule and put it on top of the pages in her clipboard. With that she could quickly keep track of whether her students were present or absent, on a field trip, in an assembly, moved, etc. She would write in IEP meetings that were held and pencil-in the new students into therapy time slots. Then the following week, she would quickly update the schedule before printing it. This provided her with a quick and easy way to see when students transitioned in and out of her program.

You can use colored highlighters to denote the absences, which makes attendance tallying even quicker. Assemblies, field trips, IEP meetings, etc., could also be quickly noted by the use of different colors. You decide what color you want your system to be and make your color key.

Although this may not sound like there is much to this tip, you’ll be surprised how much time you can save in your day just by implementing this little system.

Here is a picture of Leah’s therapy table. Again, note her clipboard.

Now if you look at the overall picture (below) of Leah's personal work space you will see how she set it up to streamline her daily therapy. You will see her working folders are on her right (we're right handed) within easy reach, and her craft basket holding her most frequently used supplies and materials are at her left, with the clipboard at the ready conveniently on the corner of the table! You would not believe how much time you can save by not having to get up to get things. This a a very doable set up that anyone can do with little time or money.

Next week will be our final entry on organization. We will share with you how to utilize utility bins effectively in your space. Until then enjoy your therapy this week!

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