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Saturday, October 23, 2010

ORGANIZATION-Part 6-Utility Bins

I had a choice. I could either send this blog post early or late. Leah and I are heading to Columbus, Ohio, in the morning for the OSSPEAC conference and will not be back until Tuesday. I guess, if you're reading this then, you know I chose to post early this week.

Utility Bins

Today’s little blog is the last in this series on organization. We sincerely hope that you’ve read something in this series that you could implement into your daily routine. Hopefully, it has made your workload a little lighter, saved you a little time, or just gotten you to thinking about making changes to your system that will work for you.

You’ll find items for organization in many different places. Today’s item, the utility bin, comes from the hardware section. They come in different sizes from small ones with a few drawers to larger one with numerous little drawers. We suggest you give thought to how you plan to use it before you purchase one, so that you won’t have to go buy another one.

Here’s a list of possible items that can be stored in them. Since the little drawers are clear, it is easy see what each contain. If you happen to own a label maker you could label your drawers; a Sharpie would work too!

Store your game pieces: pawns, dice, spinners, etc., (Assign a drawer to each item)
Small erasers: seasonal or themed from the Dollar Store.
Colored chips; sort by color in individual drawers; when doing activities involving them each child takes the drawer out of the utility bin and uses the drawer to hold his chips.
Small office supplies: paper clips, push pins, rubber bands; paper fasteners,
Individual stickers; themed
PECS pictures/by alphabet letter or category/theme

Anything small can be stored in them.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll share a picture of Leah’s utility bin.

If you've been bored with this series perhaps you'll find the next series more of an interest. Next week we begin sharing websites that can truly enhance you therapy. We will begin with a series of wonderful websites for AAC. These are truly awesome!

Have a great week with your kids!
Dean and Leah


  1. Hello Dean and Leah,

    Thanks you for posting your ideas for organization. I loved it and helped me get a good start off my first 2 months at a new school. I would like to ask if in future blogs you may possibly touch on literacy websites and fundamentals. This has been a raising issue amongst speech therapists in the elementary school age population. Thank you!

    Kindly Regards,

  2. Hi Erika!
    My apologies for not replying sooner but just noticed that we had a comment :) Thanks so much for commenting. We are interested in everyone's comments.

    At present we don't have literacy in the list of up coming topics but that would make for a great blog so we might just have to insert one ;-)

    If you are in dire need of a reference for working with literacy, I can highly recommend the book "Books Are For Talking Too" by Jane L. is AWESOME. It is a little on the expensive side, from my purse perspective, but well worth every penny that it costs.