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Monday, November 15, 2010


Good Morning!
The third Online AAC Resource we want to bring to your attention is Prior Woods Middlesbrough School in theUK

When you get to their home page click on “Resources.”

Quoting from that page: “.... From here you can download a wide variety of material including worksheets, curriculum documents, lesson plans and simple programs, which you are free to adapt and use in your school, college or home.”

First, we have to apologize for the fact that a couple of their wonderful resources are no longer available. That aside, this is still a very user friendly site and we are so grateful to the good people of UK for sharing with us.

What will you find here? Letʼs see.....

INTERACTIVE TALKING BOOKS- They have shared eight books that they and their
students have made. They are available online or as a download for PC and MAC.
Plus, they give you a Big Book Template. How nice is that?

USEFUL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS- Ian Bean, a former ICT teacher for them, is the creator of these programs. They can be used with a variety of switches and input devices; touch-screens and pointing devices. Most work with Intellikeys or Concept, and with interactive white boards such as Smart. You have a choice of 18 different educational activities.

They are currently updating their Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas Section. I would certainly check back periodically to see if itʼs working because, if it is as good as the other sections of this website, then it will be fantastic.

Leah and I will see you next week. Remember have fun with your kids in therapy!

Leah and Dean

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