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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Our last entry on the topic of AAC Resources Online looks at

This is their site description:
Visual Aids for learning is a company that develops images to streamline and support learning; empowering people to participate and achieve success and independence.

Again, FREE STUFF!! You know how we love free stuff :-)

Here you will find free downloadable visuals to help learn everyday activities.

Topics include:
Early Childhood
Toilet Training
All these topics come as complete packs. Each pack is in Printable Document Format (PDF) and must be read by Adobe PDF Reader (Version 6.0 or later)..

A big plus is that materials from this site maybe shared/distributed via print or email. YAY!

Would you like to see a sample before you go to their site? Here is the visual for "assembly"

All the images can be downloaded in a high resolution jpg format, which make them resizable to fit whatever project you are doing! I’m sure you’ll find many uses for these, especially if you don’t have Boardmaker.

We hope you have found the sites in this series helpful and that you will add them to your storehouse of resources.

Please share with us any site(s) that you find helpful in your work.

There is nothing as delightful as a giggle from a child.....make your kids giggle this week!

Leah and Dean

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