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Monday, March 14, 2011


Their slogan says Virginia is for lovers. I say Virginia is for some quick and easy printable sound sorting pictures! Yes today’s shared tip comes from the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia and the Rockingham School District. Thank you for sharing this delightful resource with us.

Who has not found themselves starting a day of therapy only to realize what you need is at your other school, or at home, or in your car? (And yes, we have all left something in the car at one time or another and can’t run out to get it.) Hey, we are only human! Nevertheless, therapy must go on. Well, this little site just might save the day for you in that instance. Just quickly click and print a few sound sorting pictures and you are good to go for articulation/phonology therapy.

This link will take you straight to the menu. It is very well organized alphabetically and by category. The pictures which are done as jpegs can be easily copied and pasted into a document. The pictures are mostly black line drawings. I find black line drawing to be more useful than colored pictures at times because that allows you to create your own personal coloring sheets/books for homework. Also, black line drawings are less distracting when working with some children. (i.e. some cerebral palsy, ADHD, etc)

Here is a list of the sound categories:
Final Consonants
Initial Blends
Initial Consonants
Initial Diagraphs
Long Vowels
Short Vowels
Word Families

While playing around with it I discovered these things:
  1. The pictures did indeed copy and paste well into a Word document on my PC
  2. The pictures also copy and paste well into pages (iworks) on my Mac
  3. You can copy and paste the image as a thumbnail if you desire a smaller size
  4. You can click on the image to enlarge it and copy and paste it at its original size
  5. Although the jpegs are resizable as you’ll see if you click on it once you’ve enlarged it, if you go much larger than the original, they become very grainy. I would not recommend trying to resize them larger.

Here’s a tip: If you choose to make your own sound sorting cards, why not do your layout in an Avery business card template and print them on business cards? You can make cards very quickly this way!

Enjoy your therapy this week!
Leah and Dean


  1. I had bookmarked this blog and now that I'm getting ready for the next school year I can't open the link for the artic cards! Is it no longer available? Or does it have a new address? Thanks

  2. I haven't looked at it since posting it last year and like you the link didn't work. However, I was able to go to Rockingham's site and locate it in the section for Education-Related Clip Art Collection. This link will take you to that page BUT although it is marked "new" that page seems to be broken :(

    I'm going to email them to let them know. They may be still developing the page or something. Either way give it a few days and try again.

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