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Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventure Pack Software

Good Monday Morning! I hope each of you have had a wonderful Easter. I went to DC to visit my son and daughter-in-love and had a fantastic time. It's always great to spend time with family and DC is such an amazing and fun city to visit.

Today's blog post is out of sync from our eliciting sounds series, but one I think you'll enjoy. I don't often take time to boast about our fabulous materials but I want to tell you about our Adventure Pack Software. We developed this with the aid of my son when he was a senior in college. This was our first product as 2 Gals Speech Products, LLC and our first attempt to create software.

The intent of these games is simply to habituate the sound once it has been established in words. It does not teach the sound. As you know, drill and practice can be very boring so this is our attempt to make practice fun! Our kids love it and beg to play it. This is a great product for pro-active parents, so please feel free to tell them where it can be purchased.

It does not record their responses nor does it have voice recognition so it is up to the therapist to keep data and make judgments on correctness of responses. Quite frankly, we couldn’t afford to produce a product with those features. Most SLPs have “super ears” and can detect errors while multitasking so that wasn’t viewed as a problem to us.

We use the Adventure Pack in many ways:

  • For drill and practice with the SLP along side the child, keeping data and making corrections as needed.
  • For practice alone while the SLP is working 1:1 with another student.
  • For practice alone while the SLP does other job related tasks (paperwork). I still verbally correct from my desk as needed ;)
  • As a reward, when they reach a particular goal or when you have an extra 5 minutes left in therapy.

As you can see there are many ways it can be utilized in your therapy. Two major benefits that we had not expected but were thrilled to see:

  1. The kids wanted to move along in their carryover. They would ask, “Can I practice phrases now? Can I go on to sentences?”
  2. With their focus on the game and not their speech production it virtually eliminated that over exaggeration of the correct sound in words so that their production quickly became fluent and natural!

I hope you will take a few minutes and explore it further by watching this powerpoint presentation:

Leah and Dean

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  1. I have used this software for a few years now and my kids love it. I especially like to use it with the older ones (3rd and above) who are really hard to motivate sometimes!