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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guest Blog-My New Favourite Therapy Tool

Congratulations to all you SLPs who made it through another year! I’m sure you are now getting ready for summer and a change of pace. I know many will work summer school, many will work in a clinic or private setting, and many will take this break to get rest and recharge for next school term. Whatever you do, I hope you make this the best summer ever.

Today’s blog entry is a change of pace for us, as we are featuring our first guest blog. When I read this featured blog last week, I thought this is totally a 2 Gals type blog and needs to be shared with our readers. This is a repost of Reka’s blog from her site ( Reka is a beautiful, shoe-lovin’ SLP from Barbados who has graciously allowed us to share this with you. I love this idea and know without a doubt you will love it too.

Hey everyone!

First of all I'd like to thank you all for your feedback on my last blog post "Green Analogies". I really appreciate it and am glad that you liked my random ramblings. I was able to draw reference to the analogy last night, as I gave a talk to a church congregation on children's speech and language development, and it was well received :)

Those who have been following my blog, would know that I love making resources, and I love when therapy tools can be used for a range of topics. Last week I bought my most useful therapy tool so far: my magnetic white board. It was on sale too!

Everyone loves it and I've been trying to find lots of different ways to use it in therapy. This was aided by my trusty laminator and some adhesive magnetic strip.

I wanted to share with my readers some of the cool uses of my new companion:

This one worked on categorizing sky, sea and land, as both a receptive and an expressive task.

This next one is my favourite, as I love the "Five little monkeys" rhyme. The children love that Mr. Crocodile can actually snatch the monkeys off the "tree".

The next one I adapted from a file folder game which works on big and little. Children have to choose the big or little object called, then put it on the appropriate side of the board.

Another one I made up on the spot was for prepositions 'on' vs 'under', which worked a lot better than I thought.

It also came in handy when I had to quickly draw some minimal pairs for /s/ and /n/ in final position, but those ones I definitely won't dare to share (they were ridiculed enough during the session).

These are my newest resources so far for my white board, but I have a few running around in my head which I will try to make over the next week, and share as an update to this post.

I want to hear from you readers. Do you use white boards in therapy? How do you use them?

Thanks for reading :)

Aren't those just the best ideas? Thanks Reka for sharing your creative ideas with us!

I hope you will bookmark Reka's blog site and become a regular follower.

We will see you next week!

Leah and Dean


  1. I would be lost without my whiteboard. I've looked for all kinds of magnetic items on sale at craft/discount stores.
    The kids are motivated to illustrate their sentences, and we play a "mad dash" where a description is read and they run to the board to be the first to erase the word of the item.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for sharing your ideas, that sounds like great fun!

  3. Thanks again for the opportunity to guest blog :). Anonymous, thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to try that "mad dash" activity.