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Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Blog- 6 Using Social Networks to Increase Professional Learning Opportunities

Today marks the final entry from our lexical linguist, Tanya Coyle. We sincerely appreciate her generosity in allowing us to repost all her blog entries regarding social media. Leah and i hope you will continue to read Tanya's blog at

This blog post is meant to list the resources we are citing at our CASLPA2011 presentation in order for people to reflect on them later (and ask questions in the comments). It is also so that people who couldd not be inn Montreal today, can participate – of sorts- and in some ways ‘watch’ the presentation live or after the fact.

Here is the prezi we are using during the presentation – it outlines the majority of the information and contains video clips. We STRONGLY SUGGEST you view it in full screen for the best effect – especially during video clips embedded in the presentation.

Here is the handout for our presentation with links to various sites we discussed during the presentation. I am unsure how long they will remain on the CASLPA website so here is the list of resources and links we provided in the handout.

Blogs for SLPs

Sean Sweeney has made a blog bundle with 25+ blogs by people who are S-LPs. You can see it here.

CASLPA members

Cree-zy, Crazy Speechie:
Lexical Linguist: @SLPTanya
TiPS: Technology in Practice for @SLPrj


Dysphagia Ramblings: @apujo5

Tech Use in Therapy and Assessment

Therapyapp411: various contirbutors
Speech Gadget: @SpeechGadgetDeb
Speech Language Pathology Sharing: @esailers
Speech Techie: @speechtechie
GeekSLP: @GeekSLP

General Therapy Tips/Ideas/Thoughts

2 Gals Talk…About Speech @2gals
Artic Brain Blog: @ArticBrain
Easy Speech and Language Ideas:
Pathologically Speaking:
Speech Therapy Ideas:
The Speech Pathway:

Professional Organizations

Express Yourself Speech and Pearson Ed’s blog, @SpeechnLanguage
ASHAsphere: @ASHAweb
Advance for Speech-Language Pathologists and

Blogs for Audiologists

Cochlear Implant Online:
Tucson Audiologists/TIA
Deaf Village:



Stuttering is cool:
ASHA podcast: (rarely updated)


Audiology Talk:
Hearing Review:
MUSC Health:

Sources for webinars


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