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Monday, July 25, 2011

1 Year Anniversary

Wow! It amazes me that a year has elapsed since I began this blog. I never dreamed it would be so well received, and that so many of you would enjoy reading it and encourage us to share more with you. Thank you dear readers! Our hope (and goal) always has been and always will be to make your work life just a little bit easier by sharing a tip, a trick, or a new idea to an old problem.

I veered off my yearly outline a time or two so that means there are a few more blogs to come before I embark on developing a new outline for this year. For now, I want to spend a couple of weeks with a review of the various series from last year that will help you get this year off on the right foot. I'm going to talk about each series as a whole, that way if there is a topic you are interested in you'll have it all in one cohesive place.

Our first series was Back to School Screenings and Evaluations In this series we discussed:
1. The oral mechanism and why to take the time to do a thorough exam the first time around
2. Tips for checking for nasality
3. 3 clinical signs of a submucous clefts
4. A refresher on S/Z ratios
5. General guidelines for sound mastery
6. Scheduling software by Caselite

Our second series was Organization It was a six part series focusing on how to organize yourself and your therapy room. This was basically for that first year therapist who is overwhelmed with all that is ahead of him/her.
1. Using milk crates for storage
2. How we organize and use "working folders"
3. Homework slips
4. Using craft baskets in your therapy room
5. Using a clip board
6. Utility Bins

I feel this succinctly summarizes those first two series and will help you organize your therapy space and refresh your memory before you begin your school year this year.

As always we hope you have fun with your kids and enjoy your days with them.

(And yes, we hope you'll visit our website to look at the products we have developed that will make your therapy day easier and more fun for your kids)

Leah and Dean

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