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Friday, March 2, 2012

Updated info to Eliciting Sounds Lateral Lisp

I am just so excited to share that Straight Speech by Jane Folk is still available for purchase.  YAY! One of you delightful readers shared this information with us just today.  A big thank you goes out to "Birthday girl" (sorry that's the only name I have). 

Straight Speech is a program to treat a lateral lisp by teaching the correct tongue positioning from a "ts." It includes practice using "ts" words.  Everything is already gathered for you, so you don't have to think up "ts" words ;)  I highly recommend it.  .....and no we don't get a kick back by promoting any of these programs we talk about, haha. We just share materials that we have actually used and found to work great in therapy.

Here is a direct link to purchase the book.  It only costs 10.99
Again thank you "Birthday girl"  for bringing this to our attention!  

Leah and Dean 

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