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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ASL Activities

Well it seems "I'm a day late and a dollar short" as they say with this blog.  It was supposed to have been written yesterday but...obviously it wasn't.  

Yesterday while on Twitter I read a tweet by @mrmslp (aka Michael Martel) referencing this cute website that focuses on signing activities.  This is their mission statement: "to create and administer adaptive technology labs for persons with disabilities, to encourage communication between persons with or without disabilities and to educate the general population about the disabled population."
Discover Technology provides many services for the disabled population.  They are putting computers in the hands of persons with disabilities and low income families in the Houston TX area. They offer a pen pal program for the disabled population called Discover A Pal.  They offer sets of activities for ASL American Sign Language   These activities are downloads you can purchase at very reasonable prices.  Let me tell you about a few and you can decide for yourself if you think it's worth your time to peruse their site.
This may not be the number 1 go to site for information on signing but it does offer some very user friendly materials.  

Learn To sign With Your Baby teaches 250 ASL words or vocabulary related to: bedtime, bath, body parts, car ride, food, play time, wake up time, positive sayings, discipline
statements, and extra needed vocabulary.

Toddlers ASL Activity Coloring Book with ASL Flashcards this is useful in teaching kids the manual alphabet and to finger spell.

Kids ASL Coloring Book with Flash Cards teaches kids to finger spell words.

ASL Finger Spelling Worksheets this gives kids much needed practice in finger spelling.

ASL Finger Spelling Word Search Puzzels these are regular word search puzzles with the manual alphabet instead of letters.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Sign Language I think is self explanatory.

So as you can see this is a good resource to keep.  Michael Martel also suggested you could use these to make your own boggle type activities.  Great idea!  Thanks Michael for sharing this site with us!

Have fun in therapy this week!
Leah and Dean

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