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Monday, April 16, 2012

One Touch Photo Dialing App

We were recently contacted by Ashley Alliano, a SLP grad student from Seton Hall University.  She was telling us about a new app she had developed.  It is called Unus Tactus.   She asked that we share this information with you here on our blog.  We do not usually use our blog as a platform to advertise products per se, (other than our own on occasion), but felt this one was definitely worth our time to share.  We feel this is a product that would be of great value to certain clients.

Unus Tactus is an app you can purchase from iTunes that assists people with mild cognitive or motor disabilities easily use a cell phone. It utilizes a one touch photo dialing system to make phone calls using phone numbers from your existing or new contacts.

 The picture to the right shows how easy it is to set up your contacts.

You do not need the ability to read nor the ability touch an individual printed name or number. You simply touch the photo of the person you wish to call and the number is dialed for you. How easy is that?

You will also notice in the picture there is a large red HELP button.  This button is functional from all screens once the application is activated.  It is customizable in that it allows you to enter an emergency number (a friend, a family member, a local hospital, etc) to contact and an email address to increase your likelihood of reaching that person. When the HELP button is tapped, two separate processes are kicked off. First, a phone call is immediately placed to the users emergency contact phone number. Secondly, an email is immediately sent to the user's emergency email address alerting the emergency contact that the user has placed an emergency call. The email includes Google Maps link showing the user's exact location as seen below.

Beyond the Google Maps assistance, Unus Tactus features a customizable geofence with immediate email alerts. The geofence will allow the user to notify their emergency contact when they have left a designated radius of a given location (i.e. when the user is more than 5 miles from their house). When the geofence alert is triggered, an email is sent to the user's emergency contact including a Google Maps link to the user's exact location. If you know the user's iCloud login, it also provides a convenient iCloud link to track them in real time.

We can see the usefulness and potential life saving capabilities of this app and hope you will tell those families with whom you work about it's availability.  It is available at iTunes for $9.99.   For more information you may contact  There is a large button at the bottom of their website that will take you directly to their iTunes ad page that will give you additional information and ability to purchase.

2 Gals Speech Products, LLC was not paid to endorse this product. We are simply sharing information.

See you next Monday with more tips and tricks!
Leah J Musgrave M.S. CCC-SP
Dean Trout retired SLP

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