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Monday, April 30, 2012

Easyspeak Magazine

On Wednesday, April 25, 2012, Shareka Bentham, an SLP from Barbados, launched the first ever e-magazine for Speech Language Pathologists as a person, with features on style, life stories, and product reviews. Of course, being an SLP, it was almost mandatory that she include activity pages, and a free worksheet.  I mean what SLP doesn't like that?

This inaugural issue features a personal interview with Dr. Rhea Paul, who makes a pretty spectacular cover girl, as well.  Shareka's interview with Dr. Paul reveals how she came to be who she is today. You will enjoy reading the personal conversation that took place between them.

This new online magazine (I think they refer to this format as an e-zine) has many great features that I would like to point out.  Possibly the best feature is that it is free, but that is just one of many things you will love about Easyspeak magazine.  The content is, in a single word, fabulous! Here are the departments you will find in this issue:

Technology which features Pinterest and how to use it to start pinning your favorite finds, from sources like Pediastaff.  A blog worthy segment featuring Tanya Coyle, the author of The Lexical Linguist. An App review of INJINI, and finally this section is rounded out with a fantastic article on switch accessibility and the iPad by Jane Farrall and Alex Dunn.

Style & Fashion section geared just for the SLP.  You will be delighted to see photos of what real SLPs around the world are wearing as they head off to work each day! As well as, what the new Spring must haves are!

Lifestyle department, which is my personal favorite.  Here you will read about a Day In the Life of a SLP.  I loved being able to cyber shadow Tiffani Wallace who works in an acute hospital setting for a day. I must say that after being a public school therapist for 30+ years, I am not sure I could handle those long hours.  With so many different settings in which we can practice, seeing what another SLP's day is really like can be refreshing. Perhaps you have been toying with the idea of working somewhere else.  This certainly would help you determine if you would like to be in that position or not.  You will also read an article from Patient Perspective and she even throws in a bit of humor by sharing Embarrassing Moments stories.  (I do not want admit it, but one of those stories is mine.)

Lastly, she wraps up the magazine with featured Products and some top product picks for the SLP and OT!  Oh, I almost forgot there are the Activities of a dysphagia crossword puzzle for us and an activity targeting final /f/ to use in therapy.

Thank you Shareka for creating such a fabulous e-zine! Our best wishes for much success as we look forward to the fall issue.

Leah and Dean

Leah J Musgrave, M.S. CCC-Sp
Dean Trout, retired SLP


  1. What a great Idea. I look forward to reading the first issue!

  2. This is amazing! Really love the speechie fashion bit.

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