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Monday, August 20, 2012

Additional Info RE: Closing

Good Morning!  It is 10 minutes until noon, so I can still say that :)

Thank you for expressing your well wishes for Leah and I as we close.  Some have commented here and others have emailed me directly to ask if our blogsite will remain up.  YES!  I can keep it up for you to use/reference, since I never directly linked it to our website.  However the store website will vanish after 9-30-12.

That brings me to the next question I have been asked.  Where's the link to our website?  Our website to order any of our materials before we close is  We have a good supply of our FAME products and the Adventure Pack, but we have a very limited supply of our little Grab-N-Go games.  I hand make those and am not making more before we close....when they are gone they are gone!  FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

Thanks for hanging in there with me :)

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