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Monday, September 17, 2012

Adventure Pack- Jungle Adventure

Today we wrap up this series highlighting our Adventure Pack software.  Our focus is on the Jungle Adventure game.

Of course to get started in this game you must set it up with the stimuli that your client needs to practice.  Here is a brief explanation of how to do that:

Once you have the software installed you will see the following, which we call the "teacher interface" or the screen where you select what you want your student/child to practice that day. This is totally customizable for each individual child.

 We get calls frequently from SLPs who are unsure what to do here, so let me take you through it step-by-step. It is as simple as 1-2-3!

Practice Level: select either word, phrase or sentence depending on where they are in their individual therapy.  You will click on the word, phrase, or sentence button and it will be highlighted. As you can see here sentence has been selected.

 2. Sound Choice: here is where you will select the sound you are targeting.  The software comes with these speech sounds: F-V-K-G-R-S-L-CH-SH-TH. Not all sounds are visible within the bar so you must click on the arrows on either end of the sound choice bar to scroll through the sounds. The sounds are listed alphabetically. The sound selection will glow green to show you which sound you are targeting.  In this picture the S is selected.

3. Placement in Word: you have the option here to select whether you wish to practice the sound in the initial or final position of the word/stimuli that is to be practiced.  It is very important to tell you that yes you do indeed need to click on  the green "GO" button to complete the setup and tell the computer which stimuli to load.  Although this may read like a lengthy process, in actuality it takes only seconds to set up a game.  We have found the students learn quickly and will often set it up themselves. ;)

That's all it takes to customize and set up the program for use.  Once you click on the GO button you will see this screen where you or the student can select the game to be played.
Now let me tell you about the Jungle Adventure.  This is the most difficult of the four games because it  requires the use of all 4 arrow keys on the keyboard and has several different perils one must work through to get to the end of the game.  Your older students 4th-8th graders will enjoy this one.  As I have said before the difficulty level of these games really is subjective because it all depends on an individual's own level of computer skills.  I'm not a gamer so I find it a challenging game.

The goal of the game is to get through the jungle and arrive at the Safe Hut without losing your life and make as high as score as you can.

As you work your way through the jungle you will encounter perils which will also bring up your speech prompts.  You MUST find the speech prompts and say them or you will not be able to progress in the game.  Your little man will simply stand on the side of the screen walking but getting nowhere!  Once you do your speech prompts the game continues.

Here is a list of the obstacles you will find along the way:

1- Pits- Don't fall in or you will lose one of your four lives;

2- Ledges and walls- you will need to climb up and over them gathering pineapples for extra points;

3- Quick Sand- If you fall in it you will lose a life so grab the monkey's hand and swing over it;

4- Bushes-conceals your speech bubble so use your machete and chop the bush down;

5. Snakes- big and small they will bite and you will die.  You can either jump over them or kill them with your machete.

6. Cliffs- If you jump up and over into mid air where the speech bubble is suspended, you will activate a bridge where you can safely cross;

7. Head Hunters- they will kill you with their spears so walk back 2 or 3 steps and when the screen says JUMP do so and you will safely jump over their poisonous spears;

8. Giant Mosquitoes- Stay out of the way until a speech bubble comes your way then jump into the speech bubble.

 One really fabulous feature of this particular game is that it is not a stagnant game in that the obstacles will appear at random each time the game is played so the child can not memorize or "learn" the game sequence.  It is new, different and challenging each time they play!

So have we convinced you that the Adventure Pack software is sooo worth the money?  Do you want to buy it now.  If you do don't forget you need to purchase before 9-30-2012!

Leah and Dean


  1. Does it come in app form?

    1. Not at this time but possibly in the future......maybe?