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Monday, September 10, 2012

Adventure Pack- Ski Doodle

We're going to tell you about the SKI DOODLE game which is the 3rd game on our Adventure Pack CD.

As I have mentioned in the previous posts in this series you will need to read the first blog-post to understand how to customize the the game to load your preferences for your student to practice. ( )  This game is what we call a moderately difficult game to play as it requires the use of all 4 arrow keys on the keypad.  It is really subjective regarding the difficulty level.  Leah thinks this is an easy game to play and I find it difficult :) Let me explain how the game is played.

You will find yourself on a jet ski in this water race game.

The object of the game is to get through the course without "wiping out."

 You have 4 lives that can be lost by running into crabs, sharks, or rocks.  You get points just for staying in the race and not wrecking or losing lives. To add to the excitement in this game you are times and must make it through the course before the time runs out.  The timer is the green bar at the top left of your screen.

You will steer your jet ski with the arrow keys on your keypad like this:
  • Right Arrow will steer to the right;
  • Left Arrow will steer to the left;
  • Up Arrow will increase your speed;
  • Down Arrow will decrease your speed.

You must hit the ramp to activate the speech prompt.

Once you go over the ramp your speech bubble will be visible and your jet ski will automatically go into it and your stimulus will be pop up!

Your total points will be doubled each time you run over a flag up to a total of X16!  You can really get some high scores!

Your game will be over when you lose all your lives or your time runs out.  At that point you may enter your initials inn the "HIGH SCORES" box.  If you did not score a high enough score the high scores box will not appear.  The game determines if you scored high enough to get to enter your initials, so you will not make that determination.

What a FUN game this is!  We know $99.99 may seem like a high price to pay for this software, but we hope you are starting to see that you are getting 4 customizable real video games that have been developed by Speech Pathologist just like you! This is unlike anything else that is currently on the market for drill and practice.  Children BEG to "play these games" in therapy and at home!

Next week we will tell you about the last of the four games on this CD!  Enjoy your therapy this week.

Leah and Dean

You can order the game here:

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