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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Figurative Language Fun

Every day I continue to be amazed at the explosion of ideas that are now available to all of us.  I think I was born in the wrong era.  When I see all these wonderful things that are out now, I want to be a SLP in today's world.  During my work years, I created materials for my students with little more than scissors, Elmer's glue, and my own ingenuity. Today you have wonderful skill specific materials to buy or make literally at your finger tips!

Browsing Teacher Pay Teachers the other day I came upon this delightful "Flying Pigs Figurative Language Pack"  by Jenn Alcorn. (SLP Gone Wild)  Cute, cute, cute...   I love that it targets not just one of the skills in that area but several: idioms, common proverbs, similes, & metaphors.  It hits your common core standards and is that direct support to the classroom that you've been looking for.

She gives you 32 pages of activities for only $4. Here is what it covers:

•Idioms cue card with definition & example
•15 idioms & definition matching cards
•32 idiom cards
•Proverbs cue card with definition & example
•20 proverbs & definition matching cards
•Student figurative language graphic organizer
•Simile cue card with definition & example
•32 simile cards
•Student worksheet targeting similes
•Metaphor cue card with definition  example
•24 metaphor cards
•Student worksheet targeting metaphors
•8 penalty cards to use with any of the card sets
•Instructions & ideas for game play

Here are some samples of what the pages look like:

 Sample of metaphor cards

Definition of a simile and two examples.

Graphic Organizer 


With 32 pages you can see it is packed full of everything you could need to teach figurative language and so visually appealing and fun to boot!  I absolutely LOVE this and I know you will too.

I hope you will go to her TpT store and look at this and all her other fabulous therapy materials.

(I have decided that Jenn Alcorn and Jenna Rayburn could fill just about any language need you would have.   I am in awe of those two gals.) 

Have fun with your kids this week!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind words and support! It means so much to me :)

    Crazy Speech World

    1. Just an honest unsolicited appraisal of your work!

      You're welcome!