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Friday, December 14, 2012


I declare this day, Friday, 12-14-12 as TRY ME DAY!
...and No! I do not mean try my patience
...I mean try my articulation cards!

Just this week I have uploaded individual sets of my FAME Articulation Card Decks in my TpT store and think if you try them you'll love them!  So for all of today (12-14-12) you can purchase the individual Articulation Card Decks for as little as $1.50 per sound (that's 50% off it you aren't mathematically inclined)!  

 Here is what the entire 10 deck series looks like, if you bought and printed all 480 cards. But perhaps you don't need every sound deck, in that case, you can simply buy the individual sets!!  You may just want F or K or G or L.  Now you can purchase just one!
Also by purchasing a download, rather than the actual cards, you no long have to worry about losing a card.  If a card gets lost or ragged, no problem, just print what you need and replace it!  Need more than one deck to play your favorite game no problem print two or three decks!

Please note that each sound is color coded, so when you use more than one set in a therapy session sorting them will be quick work!

In each individual sound set you get 24 initial words and 24 final words.  These are sold as individual sound sets but I also offer the entire 10 sound set on CD that I can ship for $22 with FREE shipping.

There are two things I wish to tell you about these cards.
  1. 1. All images used in these articulation cards are our original copyrighted artwork. No clip-art was used.
  2. 2. Each card clearly states the target word that is illustrated and the sound-position within the word: Fire-F initial

The download will print as 10 pictures to a page as pictured above.  An additional TIP is to print 2 more of the same page for the kid to take home as home work!  They look as good in black and white as they do in color.

Each sound has color coded card backs.  These are optional and when the cards are printed on card stock you can not see through the backs of the cards.  If you have limited ink usage, I would fore go printing the card backs.  The cards have the color coding as a border on the card fronts.

The downloads include the sound label cards and game play cards of Skip, Wild, Reverse, and Old Witch.  I also included 10 poissible games to play with the cards.  Some games are appropriate for pre-K and K while others are better suited to your elementary aged kids.  However, the purpose of the Articulation decks is use as daily speech stimuli!  (You can use them with any of the open ended games.)

So take advantage of this TRY ME sale today and go sample these decks!



  1. I make my artic cards with boardmaker and always use a color marker to use on the back- it makes it possible to play memory without the students seeing the pictures. That may also work with your cards.