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Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Fools Day SLP Fun

Everyone knows I like to play games and just have fun, so I decided I wanted to do a little April Fool's Day Fun. Of course, there will be a little twist to it! It wouldn't be one of my games if it didn't, now would it?

Instead of it being an April Fools Day trick, it is an April Fools Day treat!

Here's how we're going to play:

1. Go to my TpT store.  on April 1, 2013.

2. Look through my games (Hint: freebies will not be used in this game) and find the ones that are marked with the "April Fools Day" picture.

3. There will be 5 hidden April Fool images, but each contestant will only be allowed to enter one of them.  I want 5 different winners :)

4. When you find one email me at  and tell me what game you found and include your email address.  The 6th person to email me with the correct information for one of the games will win that game.

5.  If you are the 6th person and the winner of that particular game, I will send that game to you via email as a pdf.

Remember you can only win one game......but 5 are up for look at all of them and make your choice!

I will post the winners in a follow up blog.

My apologies to those of you who will not read this in time to participate but that's why you should always follow & read my just never know what I'm up to!  ;)


  1. Love this idea Dean! Very fun...and it encouraged me to look at ALL the things you have on your TPT.

  2. Great idea! I enjoyed browsing your items -- added some to my wish list for when I have money to spend. :)

  3. Thanks for playing and browsing my games girls!

  4. ATTENTION: the Wh Question Game has been won, but there are 4 other games still to be found!!

  5. Game #2 has been found by the 6th person! The Gold Rush game has been won!