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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools Day Winners!

I must say this has been one the better April Fools Days that I've ever spent. Thanks to everyone who played along. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

I want to announce the games that had the "April Fools" images and the SLPs who won them:

1. WH Question Game-- Mary A. Pitt and Speech Musings (a tie in email arrival times so they both received the game)

2. Gold Rush--Rita West

3. Back to the Future Verb Tense--Sally Hayes

4. Hunny Bunny Rhyming--Carol Ricky

5. Card Yatchzee --no one found it, so the 1st person to email me that they'd like to have it gets it!

Again thanks so much for playing this game with me!

UPDATE: Linda Windholtz just emailed me and won the Card Yatchzee...early bird gets the worm!


  1. I have to say THANK YOU! for my April Fool's treat! The Hunny Bunny game couldn't be cuter and I know I can use it so that makes it wonderful! You are so smart in the way you've designed the games of yours, Dean! They are so easy to print on the business cards and they look so "professional" and polished from the get-go. I buy other people's stuff on tpt and print it and laminate it but it just isn't the same quality as yours. Even my kids that I work with notice the quality and the amount of enjoyment they get from your games. I tried to put my comments on tpt, but they told me you must "purchase" not "win" products in order to leave feedback! I'd like everyone to know how great your products are! Thanks again!

    1. Carol this is so kind and sweet of you to post this. You leave me blushing!