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Monday, April 29, 2013

Beach Themed Language Unit is Now Available

I can never shop early for Christmas or birthdays because whenever I have a gift for someone I can't wait to give it to them.  I've reacted the same way about this beach unit. I promised myself I would get away from the computer and enjoy my weekend. However, that was not to be my reality.  I couldn't wait to share this with you, so I finished it and uploaded it to my online shops last night.  

You can purchase this here at Teachers pay Teachers or here at Teachers Notebook.  Wherever you prefer to do your online shopping :)

In celebration of Better Speech and Hearing Month it will be on sale for 20% off the entire month of May!   Sale starts Wednesday May 1st -May 31st.

Now that it is finished I would like to tell you a little more about it.  

I think this is appropriate for ages 4-10. ( I have a very knowledgeable SLP friend, who says 4-12.) Regardless let's say Pre-K through 5th/6th.  The bottom line is it will work for many of your students.

I've included two open ended games, a board game and a simple card game, in this unit.  I am also selling them separately if you're only interested in the games.  To purchase the games only click here for TpT or here for TN.

This unit targets receptive and expressive language skills. Certainly since it is a beach themed language unit all pictures and questions are beach related, so you could even work on topic maintenance if you have a student with that goal.

Here is detailed information about each language skill targeted: 

1. The 20 Attributes task cards give a visual of the object and asks 5 WH questions about the object features. This is a common goal of many of our kids.  You may choose to use these cards as is or only use certain portions of the questions to target other benchmarks such as labeling, functioning, associations, etc.  You know your students' needs.

2. There are 20 Compare and Contrast task cards.  You are given one visual stimulus but the question asks for a comparison of two things.  The child must mentally recall the other object.  They must state like features and then state how they are different.  

3. There are 20 Following Directions tasks.  (The directions are not on cards, but just listed on a separate page for you to use.) This unit includes a basic background scene of sand, water, sky and 2 pages of pictured objects the students will place/glue on to the background scene. You may print this on regular paper and let them cut and paste, or you may wish to print this on card stock and laminate it to make it reusable.  You can use double sided tape to stick it to the page, then remove the tape residue ;)  

4. There are 18 Thinking and Reasoning task cards.  These are basically questions that I think go beyond a simple WH question.  For example:  Besides a beachball, what other ball can you play with at the beach? Any logical answer would be acceptable such as volleyball or passing a football.  Tennis would not be appropriate.  I have supplied an answer key with this one to give you an idea of where I was going with this task :)

5. There are 12 Inferring and Problem Solving task cards.  Each card states a situation from which the student must infer the problem.  Then they must solve the problem. Finally they relate it to personal  experiences of their own.  These cards could also be used as conversation starters.  

Simply use any of these task cards with either of the two games I provided or with another of your choosing.  Summer therapy at your fingertips!  

Be sure to follow me and leave feedback.  You are rewarded with store credit when you do!

I hope you will have fun using these in therapy with your kids!  


  1. Actually I've already reduced the price in both shops. It is now $4.80 :)

  2. This is a great unit. The graphics are fun. Open ended games are ALWAYS good. I love how it targets almost any language area - and of course works great for articulation skills too. Nice job Dean! I look forward to seeing more "theme" units in the future!

    1. Thanks Mary! I appreciate you taking time to comment. I hoep and your kids will come to love it!


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