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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Direct Support for Moore, OK SLPS

SLPs are the most caring individuals I know. Not only supportive and caring of our students, patients or clients but of our fellow SLPs around the world!  Today we begin a sale over on TpT of bundled products to benefit our fellow SLPs in Oklahoma.  ALL proceeds from the sale of these bundles will go directly to the SLPs not the general funds!

There are 2 bundles for sale.  Each bundle will offer 25-30 different activities for only $15 for the entire bundle.  The activities in each bundle is different so why not buy both? Imagine, this could get you about 60 of our finest products for $30 if you buy both!! (Goodness that's only 50 cents an activity.)  Not only will you be getting a deal of a lifetime on top notch therapy materials, but you'll be showing love to your fellow SLPs.

Amy Minor is one of the SLPs in Moore, OK Her blog outlines the products donated not only from us on TpT but also donations from the larger companies.  You can read it here:

I hope you all will show some love to Oklahoma today!  This sale will last for the month of June then these bundles will no longer be available.  Do it now before you forget!

God Bless all of you for lending a helping hand and God Bless OK!


  1. Thank you for everything and your future generous donation of some of the hard goods from your store!

  2. YOU ARE AWESOME! As of today, over $14,000 has been raised. Thanks to all of you have have purchased and to you who have given one or more of the fabulous products!