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Friday, June 21, 2013

Lazy Summer Days....NOT!

Today is the official first day of summer according to the calendar, although most of us begin our summer with Memorial weekend.  Since Memorial Day, my summer has been something else!  I won't go into the trials of my last 3 weeks but will share that I've had to replace my A/C system, as well as my gas furnace, had a $1K repair bill on my car, had a non functioning refrigerator, and 12 days of company...sigh.  No, my summer has not been lazy days...

But there are blessings in everything and I am very grateful that my health has been good.  I have kept myself busy creating some new things for my Little Shop of SLP which brings me to todays blogpost.

I have just set my Beach Games for FREE in my TpT store.   It's FREE now so go get it and enjoy! (Trying for some good karma here, haha.)

I'd like to show you my new things I've added, which are discounted by 20% right now if you're interested in picking them up.

This is my Labels and Functions Set.  It includes 60 pictures that you can use to teach kids to name or label objects and to state that objects function.  I included two little games: one is a board game in which they will either label or state a function; the other is a cute card game in which they collect items in their backpack by successfully naming the picture and telling what you do with it.  Simple but enough of a game to keep them motivated and interested.

On sale now for $3.00  $2.40

I created a noun derivation activity. You will get a poster that explains how a verb changes to an agent/person by adding -er -or -ar, 30 flashcards to teach noun derivatives and 30 flashcards to cement the concept by having them state the action of what that person does, 4 worksheets if you need a paper pencil task, and a free game (Presto Chang-O) that can be played using either set of flashcards.

On sale now for $4.00 $3.20

This is the Presto Chang-O open ended card game that you get for free in the Noun Derivations, but I am also selling it separately, since I have several followers that are partial to my open ended games.  :)  In this game you must collect 6 rabbits in a hat to win, but it's not easy when another player gets a magic wand and makes one of your rabbits disappear!

On sale right now for $2.00 $1.60

Go take a look at the new things and take advantage of the 20% off.

I hope you are having a safe and wonderfully lazy summer!!



  1. You've been having a CRAZY summer! Lol, I love your good attitude about everything!!! Thank you for the cute freebie :)

    Crazy Speech World

    1. Thanks Jenn :) Having a bad attitude about the rough patches in life don't make them any better, so might as well just be happy in spite of it all!

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I always LOVE your open ended games! I was looking for a summer open ended game and was so happy to see the beach bucket game on your blog. And a freebie no less -- yea! Did you make a back for the cards? I didn't see one and you normally print something for the back of the cards. Hope your summer gets better from here on out.

    1. I did not have a card back but because I'm the nicest person in the world I just created you one. Email me ~ and I'll send you the pdf :)

  3. Oh my gosh -- you are SO sweet! Thank You!

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