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Monday, December 13, 2010


We wish we had really written about these in a more time considered manner because there are many wonderful seasonal activities for fall to be found in these sites. Oh well, at least you have them for next year!

Today we will be looking at HYPERLINK "" She is from Pennsylvania, so those of you from PA may already know about her site.

On her homepage the first thing you will see is that she offers us a monthly link from which you can access her monthly thematic page. As an example for November she offered activities from her classroom: A Turkey Poem, a Thanksgiving Poem and a Pumpkin; M&M Candy Math Worksheets (which she put up as pdfs so we can print and use them) as well as, recommended books, and links to all things Thanksgiving from other websites. You also find a few things for Veteran's Day!

Going back to the home page you’ll find approximately 33 links in boxes that will take you to her shared information. These are support and information pages and websites.
Tons of good information here. I’d like to bring to your attention the “printables from my classroom” box. (1st column 3rd row) This will take you to a page that lists all her worksheets. She has worksheets for spelling, writing, math, and counting. These worksheets are labeled by grade appropriateness, too!

Her site offers fantastic links for Autism Awareness, Classroom Management and Behavior, Communication and Speech links, Seasonal Pages, and Parent Resources.
Good information to have available as one of your resources!

We highly suggest your bookmark this site.

See you next week!
Leah and Dean

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