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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I (Dean) love and enjoy the seasons here in KY, but have to confess that winter is my least favorite. I need lots and lots of daylight to be a happy camper, so I shall be celebrating the Winter Solstice -“Shortest Day of the Year”- not for beginning of winter and it’s short days, but for the fact that we have reached the shortest day and soon the light of day will start extending! Seriously, I watch each minute being added each day!!

Today we travel to Kansas to see what those people have to share with us for Autism.
This website made our list of favorites if for no other reason than their wonderful list of SOCIAL NARRATIVES! If you need a social narrative, I say check here first. You have approximately 150 narratives from which to choose!

From the home page simply click on the Social Narrative button to the left of the screen to be taken to their listing. The listings are compiled by skill to be taught; special interest; age range; whether it is a social story or a power card; and the format-Powerpoint, Word, PDF, or Boardmaker (TM).

Besides all those wonderful social stories, they also offer some very useful “Visual Supports” and “Visual Tasks” which can be found by clicking on the navigation buttons on the left of your screen.

We are taking a Christmas break from the blogging so this will be the last blog of 2010, but we’ll be back on January 3rd to share our next website on Autism!

Being Christians, Leah and I say “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and hope yours is filled with peace, joy, and love!

Leah and Dean

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  1. YAY! Today is the Winter Solstice--Shortest Day of the Year! The days can get no shorter than this!! Now the days will start getting longer! :)