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Thursday, August 4, 2011

AAC Series in review

School started back on Monday here in Eastern KY! August 1st seems early to be going back to school, but when I look out my window and see the morning fog I get the “feeling” that it’s time. My body still responds to a school schedule. For fifty five years I have either been a student, an employee, or a Mom tied to a school schedule. I suppose it is only natural that this is how I should respond.

As promised, today’s blog entry will summarize a series we did last year, so you will have easy access to its contents without having to search the archives. Here is the series we did on AAC: We highlighted Jefferson Parish Public School System In Louisiana. This site offers activities for Pre-K up through Middle/High School, as well as leisure and switch activities. GREAT site! Next we featured Polk County Public Schools in Florida. This site offers a wealth of ideas utilizing Boardmaker* but also many in a pdf format. Priory Woods School and Arts College has wonderful resources. They share interactive talking books and delightful FREE downloadable interactive software. We talked about the FREE things you can get from Slater Software. In this blog we showcased Visual Aids for Learning. All their products are free downloadable visual aids that you can use at home or school.

Through Twitter I have hooked up with a guy who is totally dedicated to Assistive Technology and want to feature him and his Diigo resources in another entry. Stayed tuned it will be coming soon.

As you get mentally and physically prepared for this coming year remember to add some FUN into your therapy and YOUR day!

Leah and Dean

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