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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Menu Planning--Your Other Life

Hello, Hello! Ok, so this will not be a speech post but still it does fit the theme of “2 Gals talk…” Leah and I not only talk speech but we also talk about motherhood, our kids (and grandkids now), marriage, interior decorating, diets, exercise, shopping, travel, etc. I was reading a recipe today that lead to an idea that I knew Leah would like. As I started to email her I thought why not share it with everyone? After all we are more than SLPs, although there are many days in which there appears to be little time for anything else but work!

So let me share with you too! I offer this as another tip to make the SLP’s life easier.

I found this great recipe for homemade gluten free mayo! whether you have Celiac’s Disease or not, we can all benefit from eating less gluten-just my opinion! As I was reading the comments someone had stated a simple idea for menu planning. I have always said it isn’t the cooking that I hate, it is deciding what to fix that I find to be so burdensome! Leah and I have spent many conversations on this subject and have even tried monthly menu planning. That, of course, usually never made it past the first month. However, I can see this idea working.

What’s the big idea? Select a food theme for each day of the work week! Example: Monday is Soup day; Tuesday is Salad day; Wednesday is Fish day; Thursday is Chicken day; Friday is Burger day. Let me quickly insert here that the themes for each day can be customized to fit your family’s tastes and lifestyle. You may wish to have a Mexican day or an Italian night or sandwich night. You have the freedom to choose. I’m not going to come smack your hands.

Another reader felt this was too confining but I would ask, how so? There are a great many soup recipes out there, so getting tired of Soup night should not be a problem. Same goes for all the other food themes you set up for yourself. Fish night doesn’t have to be Baked Tilapia every time. You can do many different recipes! (Salmon Cakes—Tuna Noodle Casserole—Fish Tacos, etc). I would go so far as to pull out your favorite recipes in your categories to have handy for these nights.

I’m all for simplifying my life and if this helps then I’m going to do it. I have long since found being organized helps keep me sane and happy. If I’m happy and sane then everyone around me is too! You may not like this idea and that’s fine. I’m just sharing a thought such as I would share with Leah.

I wish you many happy burden free dinners!


  1. Any organizational ideas are welcome! How do you recommend organizing activity sheets and hands on materials?

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