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Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick Reference to Our Eliciting Sounds Posts

For your back to school pleasure and quick reference here is our series on Eliciting Sounds. Once again I will remind you that we are just 2 Gals, who are old SLPs, sharing tips and tricks for eliciting sounds with which we have had success. We are not purporting this to be your guide for Speech Correction, but maybe it will get you thinking about how else you might get the child to produce the sound when all else has failed. Our blog post for Y-W-H. Our entry for S. This entry was dedicated solely to the Lateral Lisp. Our tips and trick for SH and CH. Ideas for getting the K. Our post about the F sound. The dreaded R.

Have a good week and we will see you next Monday!
Leah and Dean


  1. I have been attempting to get to your home page or products page but am being denied due to a trojan horse virus. Is there a new website where I can find your products?

  2. Neither our webmaster nor our web hosting company can find any problems with our website although we have had 3 people report the same issue as you have. We are so sorry for your inconvenience.

    We can email you a pdf copy of our catalog if you wish. Just email me at

    Thanks so much for your comments.