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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1000 Miles Later

You are not confused, today is actually Wednesday and not Monday, but I did want to write a blog for this week. I have logged about a 1000 miles seated behind the wheel of my car this week and still am not home. Hopefully I'll be there tomorrow and enjoying MY bed and MY pillow. I will not bore you with my full travel itinerary but will share with you some of the highlights of our delightful trip to OSSPEAC in Columbus, Ohio this week.

Leah and I have been attending OSSPEAC for 3 years now and have a wonderful visit each time we go. This year was no exception. I have to say that the Ohio SLPS may be "northern gals" in location, but they are pure "southern gals" when it comes to hospitality! As vendors (or speakers) we are treated (by the event staff) very graciously and as nicely as if we were actually staying in their actual homes. A most sincere THANK YOU to Chris and Robyn for your efforts!

Leah and I are always so thrilled to see all those friendly faces of the Ohio SLPS and humbled by the kind comments and remarks they share with us about our products or session presentations. THANK YOU Ohio SLPs for taking the time to come by and talk with us and for so enthusiastically encouraging us in our little business with your support! YOU are the reason we do this...seriously, it is.

I want to share with you an excellent example of how wonderful these Ohio gals are. One of the events at OSSPEAC is a vendor reception in which vendors donate gifts which are then given away as door prizes to lucky attendees. This year we gave away our FAME Articulation Workbook CD and one of our Grab and Go Games. The winner, Jane, already had our FAME CD so she paid it forward by giving the CD to a new 1st year SLP who was seated at her table. How fantastic was that? We thought that was great! Bless You, Jane! (I feel I have to insert here that she did not share the Grab and Go game because she had really wanted it ;-) LOL)

Every time we go to conferences SLPs who purchase our products come by and share with us, not only how much they love our things, but creative ways they are using it in their personal therapy. One particular SLP had purchased our FAME Articulation Cards CD last year and shared this idea. She said she had made the artic card decks as is the purpose of the CD, but then found she could increase her homework involvement by using the cards. (We all get bored with worksheets don't we?) She said she made homework envelopes 5x8 size for each student. She uses the different artic cards in a daily session, then she puts them in the homework envelope for the child to practice at home. The parent drills using the cards and then dates and initials the outside of the envelope and sends it back to school. If cards get lost or never returned she simply prints a replacement from the CD. She stated that the percentage of homework getting done has increased substantially! I am sure she has some kids that would never bring anything back (we all have them and we know who they are) so she would simply not send any home with them. I thought this was a great idea and wanted to share so you could try it for yourself! (FYI: The FAME Articulation Cards CD can be purchased from our website

This about covers a few of the major highlights about the OSSPEAC conference. Hopefully you will get to go one day if you live in a neighboring state.
See you next week from TN!
Leah and Dean

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