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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Misc. SLP Resources Online -- Part 3


Hello Everyone! I hope wherever you live you are getting to enjoy this beautiful Autumn. Of course, this is a blessed time of the year to be living in the mountains. We are in the peak of our season for fall foliage and it is a feast for our eyes! It has been a glorious weekend with the color highlighted by sunny warm days. You know I can never start a blog without first sharing personal comments about my world, but now that I have shared I will tell you about a great little website on literacy. is a small website hosted by the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation. The site offers stories online, 24 of them to be exact. Each story is read by a different actor and pictures from the book are included along with some animation at appropriate times. You even have the option of turning the caption on/off. I suggest using caption since we want children to associate spoken words with the written word.

Just listening to the stories being read by a familiar voice is delightful, but they also provide related activities for each book. You can target many academic learner outcomes/objectives/standards using these activities such as:
• Retelling the story
• Prompts for discussion/explanation
• Recalling parts of the story/recalling details
• Problem identification
• Problem Solving
• Research and report prompts

The site is free although they will accept taxable donations.

Today’s blog is short but hopefully I’ve told you enough to tweak your curiosity and you’ll go see for yourself!

Have a great week with your kids!

Leah and Dean


  1. My kids really love this site! :)

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