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Monday, November 21, 2011


I imagine there are more than a few SLPs dragging into work this morning physically tired from the hectic pace of the ASHA convention, but also professionally rejuvenated. I loved having the ability to keep up with the #SLPeeps as they went to their sessions, met other SLPeeps at tweet-ups, and gathered for a group meal at the end of the day! It was almost like being there...almost. (#SLPeeps is a group of SLPs from around the world who have gotten together to collectively support one another via twitter. If you are on twitter you should jump in the #SLPeeps clan)

My blogging today will take a slightly different direction as I share with you 2 Gals plans for 2012. I would wait until the beginning of the new year to share but our news affects you today! Allow me to share this as "bad news-good news."

Our first big news to make you aware of is that MANY our products will increase in price on January 1, 2012. Why are we raising our prices you wonder? Basically because our cost to hand produce them has increased to the point that we lose money making them :/ That's the bad news. However, due to having to raise our prices we feel you should receive a better product. Therefore in 2012 you will see many product changes for the better. Our products will have a more polished and professional look to them. That's the good news.

The following items will be discontinued in the product form they currently exist: (bad news) They will be discontinued as of 1/1/12 or when current stock is gone.
1-Pick A Stick Original
2-Bee Happy Pick A Stick
3-YOU WIN bottle cap game
4-Pick A Stick Christmas
5-Pick A Stick Halloween
6-Pick a Stick Thanksgiving
7-Spinner Games Preschool (Early Development)
8-Spinner Games Set 1 (F-K-G)
9-Spinner Games Set 2 (R-S-L)
10-Board Games: Abe & George, Rainbows & Smiles, April Showers, and Snow Days.

If you want any of these original games ORDER now. You may order online or by calling 866-930-3098.

New Upgraded Items to replace those discontinued: (good news)
1-Concepts Caps will be the new replacement for our popular Pick A Stick Original
2-YOU WIN will take on a more polished look
3-Bee Happy bottle caps replaces the pick a stick version
4-Seasonal bottle caps for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving replaces the stick games
5-ALL Spinner Games mentioned above will be sold as a download only
6-All board games mentioned above will be sold as a download only

Our last big news is that we have developed NEW language games for 2012! Our focus up to this point has been on speech but due to many requests from you we will begin offering some quick play language games in our ever popular Grab-N-Go Series.

1-Opposites- a quick play card game to specifically teach opposites receptively and expressively. There are two levels of instruction with this game.

2- WH? -This again is a two level game in which comprehension of the WH question format is learned at level one and then expression or learning how to answer WH questions appropriately is learned at level two.

3- Attributes-1 In this card game your students will learn attributes through prompts and a quick play game of slap matching!

4- Attributes 2 This game allows your students to verbally practice stating attributes. The game allow practice to be FUN while making them more proficient.

4-GOLD RUSH is our newest generic game that can be played with any speech language target. It is a fun quick play card game that our kids love. Be the player to accumulate the most gold to be the winner, but there are many dangers in diggin' for gold!

Our new games will be sold starting in January and for your convenience will be offered in two formats: 1-a premade game or 2-as a download for those who like to save $$ and make their own.

I hope this information has you as excited about the coming year as it has Leah and I! We love creating materials for your daily use in therapy and promise to hold true to our mission statement of offering products that are Fun, Affordable, Motivating, and Effective (FAME). We can promise you we don't sell any product that doesn't work with our kids!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be thankful for all you have! See you next week!
Lean and Dean

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