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Monday, November 14, 2011

MISC. SLP Resources Online-Part 5

Good Morning! It's a pretty day! As I type that I am remembering how my son, as a toddler, would come into my bedroom and lift one of my eyelids as he cheerfully proclaimed it to be a great day. How could you not smile in the face of such enthusiasm? With that in mind, I hope you let the small things make big changes in your life this week!

Following up on my theme of the day (letting small things make a big difference) I want to introduce you to Jill Kuzma, a small blogger that will make a big difference in your therapy. She may be new to many of us but her blogs are packed with delightful resources that you can readily use in therapy! She calls her Blog "Jill Kuzma's Social and Emotional Skill Sharing Site" offering "Ideas for Educators Supporting Social-Emotional Skills." Who couldn't use that?

Here is a list of the many things you will find there:
Great Websites and Resources
Perspective Taking Skills
Teaching Ideas for Perspective Taking Skills
Conversation Skills
Teaching Ideas for Conversation Skills
Emotion Awareness and Management
Teaching Ideas for Emotion Skills
Friendship & Interaction Skills
Teaching Ideas for Friendship & Interaction Skills
Receptive Language
Therapy Ideas
Expressive Language Ideas
Therapy Ideas
Interactive Website Game Descriptions
YouTube Video Links for Social Skills
Assessment of Pragmatics and Social Language
Cooperative Group Game Ideas
MN Educational Critieria & Related Service
IEP/Treatment Plan Objective Ideas
Jill’s Presentations

I hope you will go visit her blog and make use of some of these great ideas!

Enjoy your therapy this week and we'll see you next Monday!
Leah and Dean


  1. I also love this site! I'm also a SLP and blogger and just came across your blog. I look forward to reading through all your resources! Thanks for sharing your information with everyone out there!


  2. Leah and Dean! It's Jill! Thank you so much for getting my blog out there! I hope people find my site useful!

    @ Katie - I am going to check out your blog right now! One of my "vices" in life is following SLP and autism blogs :) Thanks to everyone for supporting our wonderful profession!
    - Jill Kuzma