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Sunday, November 25, 2012

EduBlog Nominations

The EduBlog Awards have been around since 2004 but I was unfamiliar with it until last year when I saw that several of the #SLPeeps has received this honor for their blogs.  The purpose of these awards is to show that social media in all its various forms has educational value and relevance.

I almost let this get past me, but I am not too late.  The deadline is not until tomorrow so by the skin of my teeth here are my nominations.

Best Individual Blog- The Lexical Linguist.  Tanya brings the spotlight to social media in a way that we can ALL understand it; novices or savvy techies both gain from reading it.

Best Group Blog- Pediastaff Pediatric SLP, OT, and PT Blog.  They deliver the best of individual blogs to focus and broaden our perspective in speech, physical, and occupational therapies.  They share bloggers who stay abreast with the latest research and information needed by therapists as well as techniques to make us better as we work with others.

Best New Blog- Speech Adventures.  Mary Huston focuses public attention to those topics which we all discuss in our private worlds, but which also need addressing in a public forum. She stirs the collective voice that will one day exact change.

Best Student Blog- SLP_Echo.  Katie Millican personalizes her blog with highlights of life as a graduate student in the field of Speech-Language Pathology.  The thing that makes her blog rise above similar blogs of grad students is her insight into working life beyond school.

Best Twitter Hashtag- #SLPeeps.  How a handful of SLPs can increase to 1000 or more frequent uses worldwide, in a couple of years to form a collective body with buttons, tee-shirts and national notoriety, speaks for its self.

Lifetime Achievement-Dr. Caroline Bowen.  Dr. Bowen has spent her life working, instructing, and sharing globally with Speech Therapists.  She has been educating SLPs from around the world via the internet not for profit but from a deep desire that we become better therapists.  

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