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Monday, November 5, 2012

I'll be at ASHA 2012!.....sorta

When you start reading all the tweets and chatter about ASHA you can actually feel the EXCITEMENT in the wording!  There are literally "squeals" of excitement expressed (and no,  not all of them are from me) 

I've titled this blog post "I'll be at ASHA 2012....sorta" because my involvement is... well, complicated.

I'll be in Atlanta, YES!

I'll be at the #SLPeeps Meet and Greet for dinner and drinks on Wed. night,  YES!

I'll be in the Exhibit Hall, YES, uh NO, uh YES, ok this is where it gets complicated.  Let me explain.

As you know, I am retired and have let my license to practice as a speech-language pathologist expire, so I don't need the CEU hours.  Therefore I will not be attending ASHA.   BUT, I am still very involved in our field creating little games and things for you who are still working.   I have enthusiastically joined the #SLPeeps on Twitter and have found my place among them. I have made so many delightful cyber friendships that I hope to turn into real life friends on that Wed. night. I have also made a major discovery.  Most of the small business SLPs on there are not competitive but cooperative in attitude and spirit.  We all help and support each other.   This spirit of cooperation and  helpfulness was extended to me by Kim Lewis, owner of Activity Tailor  She offered to sell my FAME cds at her booth at ASHA.  Now I ask you, is that not the nicest thing one small business person could do for another?  See there really are nice SLP business owners out there!

So here is where I need to tell you that her booth is #840 in the Exhibit Hall and to be sure to make your way there during your ASHA experience this year! 

I mentioned the cooperative and supportive spirit of the #SLPeeps so I need to also share that that has even extended to the small businesses that are going to be a ASHA this year!  They, and when I say they I really mean, have created for you a system whereby you can identify and locate them easily.  Just look for these signs among the exhibitors:

This "tweety" bird has affectionately been dubbed Julio.  So watch for Julio and support these vendors:

 Have a great experience at ASHA 2012!


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