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Monday, January 14, 2013

New Items in my TpT Store: Articulation Phrase Cards

I have been a little MIA for the past month, but my absence has been for your good ;)  I have created several new things for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I plan to do 3 posts over the next couple of days to tell you about them.

I'll start today by telling you about the Articulation Phrase Cards.  Ok, so it is not the most creative name, but it does certainly give you a heads up as to what this download is about.  Yep, you guessed it. These are cards with sound specific articulation phrases on them.

Why did I create these?  Well, for one thing, it is second semester and you, as well as your kiddos, are bored with your the target stimuli that you have been using all year. And two, they always show renewed interest when material is presented in a different format.  They get tired of worksheets and word lists.  Using a colorful card deck actually becomes a motivation tactic.

Besides using them at your table in your therapy room, these little cards are great for 5 minute therapy or therapy centers in your room.  You can use them with any of the speech games you already own or any of the generic games that I have created that you may own!   These are fantastic for your mixed groups because each child can have their own personal deck.

Each download targets 2 sounds that include 8 pages that will create 60 stimulus phrase cards containing 180 different phrases. Each card contains 3 different phrases for one target word.  Ex: For the word game the phrases on the card are: play a game; video game; win the game.

All this for the low price of $1.50  What's not to love about it?

The downloads are grouped this way so you can pick and choose:
Articulation Phrase Cards for F and L
Articulation Phrase Cards for K and G
Articulation Phrase Cards for R and S
Articulation Phrase Cards for SH and TH

Each sound is a different color and comes with decorative backs that clearly state the target letter, so sorting them is quick and easy.  Just the way we like our therapy, right?

I would punch a hole in one corner of each card and hang them on a ring to keep up with them easier.  That way the kids could just flip them them as they say them and you won't have them scattered all over the place!


  1. Glad you are back! I like this new product and am always looking to challenge my students with more than articulation at the word level. Thanks!

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