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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Items in my TpT Store: Back to the Future

This is the last of the blog bombardment from me this week.  (Are some of you cheering?)

I decided to do some activities/games like I would use in therapy for language.  I like to make learning language skills fun too.  Why not? It sticks with you better when it is fun.  I can still remember a silly little mnemonic sentence I learned when I was in grade school to spell geography and that was 100 years ago.  I use games as aid their retention.  

The focus of this Back to the Future game is to learn regular verb tenses by the cues: -ed denotes past tense; is/am (verb)ing marks present tense; and will/shall indicates the future.  They will learn to listen for those cues and respond appropriately.

They work their way around the game board by identifying the tense of the verb illustrated and stated on the game cards to advance to that spot on the board.  The fun of this game is that when they land on "Back to the Future" they lose ground by having to go back to the last "Future" space.  You know how they hate to go back in a game!

 As you can see in the above sample card, it states PAST and gives you 3 multiple choice responses.  They must identify which of those 3 is the past tense verb form of touch.  If they are correct they get to move ahead to a "past" space on the game board.  That is how they will proceed to move around the board.   There are 40 verb cards in this set.

There is also another set of cards that has the same verbs but requires a different task. 

In this set they must identify the verb tense that is underlined.  What tense is this? touching.  Can they tell you that says you are doing it now and that is present tense?  If so they will move to a "present" space on the game board.  Game play is the same only the task is different.  When they master this skill level you can confidently say they comprehend regular verb tenses.

Now that they understand and recognize verb tense they should have a smooth transition into using it correctly in their speaking and their writing.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Look great! Love the three tenses with one picture cards!

  2. How creative to have them to go back to the "future". Will have to add this one to my wishlist!

  3. I have a few students who would benefit from these activities. Thanks!