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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Look what I bought during today's TpT sale!

Did you know about the Teacher Pay Teachers Super Sunday Sale going on today?

Well if you didn't you can still get in on it because it doesn't close until midnight Hawaii time :)

Not only that but several of us are continuing our sale through Monday!

(I'd like to thank Jenna Rayburn for this adorable banner!)

Taking a cue from Jenna Rayburn I decided to share what I bought today from the fine sellers at Teachers Pay Teachers.  You must bear in mind that, since I no longer work as a speech therapist, I don't purchase therapy products.  I only purchase things that I can use to create games and cards, etc. so my purchases are limited.  However, I have to say that I have seen so many items that are so wonderful it makes me want to go back to work!!  Seriously they do! I'd love to use them in a therapy session. There are some seriously ROCKIN' SLPs creating therapy materials today that's for sure!

Anyway today I bought lots of clip art.

I have had these wishlisted for a while now and decided to pick them up while they are on sale Checkerboard Backgrounds by Mercedes Hutchens.  You'll see these in a new therapy product coming your way soon.

I also bought these cute Chevron Frames by Mercedes Hutchens. How cute are they?

With the money I was saving by buying these things on sale and using my TpT credits today I could afford to pick up Ashley Hughes' 12 Mini Game Boards.

 Now with all this new clip art I can't wait to start creating!!

So take advantage of this sale today or tomorrow and pick up those things you've been dying to purchase!  This is also a good time to try some of the FREEBIES by the different SLPs out there to see if you can find the ones that click with your way of doing therapy.  There is something for every style of therapy. I guarantee it.

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