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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2011-a new decade already!

Today's blog will be off the regular beaten path. I wanted to take the time to share with you all that is happening with us and our plans for 2011, since this is the time to reflect, ponder, and plan. Leah and I are getting our year started with a bang. Many good things are happening and we hope that this will pass on to you and your work.

For starters, you will now find all three of our FAME CDS and our three Spinner Games for sale in the 2011 issue of Great Ideas for Teaching catalog, and very shortly on their website.

Our two newest CDs (FAME Preschool and FAME Articulation Cards) will be available for purchase through Speech Bin in the FALL 2011 issue. Our Adventure Pack game CD and first FAME Articulation Workbook on CD are already available in their catalog and on their website.

The Speech Corner offers our Adventure Pack game CD through their catalog and website.

So, as you can see, we are slowly making progress in our advertising efforts. Our best advertising has been word of mouth from people like you who have either used our products or heard us speak at conferences!! Thank you for all your kind words and much appreciated support.

We only have one speaking engagement scheduled for 2011, so far, and that will be for OSSPEAC in Columbus, OH in October. We are available for speaking and offer 3 hours CEU for each of these topics: (1) Enhancing Your Therapy with Technology or (2) The Practical Side of Therapy-60+ years of tips and tricks. We are working on a presentation addressing language, but we are not ready to present that one. Leah and I are always so humbled by your comments and hope you truly have gleaned nuggets of information that you can use in your daily therapy!

We plan to branch out beyond KY, OH, and WV this year in our conference exhibiting. At present we plan to be at the North Carolina and South Carolina conferences to exhibit our products. I'd like to squeeze in VA and TN but don't know if we can. Unfortunately we won't be able to attend KY or the spring OH conferences, but we will be sending catalogs and discounts to be included in your conference bags :)

Finally the last bit of joy I wish to share is that we have updated our website and now you can purchase those little therapy games that we offer at conferences! I hope you will go right this minute to look at the generic games because one of the board games is "YAY! Snow Day". Certainly winter is when you would want to use this game. Leah can attest that the kids LOVE it! We have our little following of SLPs who all say their kids beg to play our games!! How amazingly flattering is that? Our purpose in doing the games was because we knew our kids loved them and knew yours would too!

We are on facebook search for 2 Gals Speech Products, and I am going to attempt Twitter! Please friend us and follow us!!

I think that about sums up our plans for 2011. Hopefully you and I will pass ways this year and when we do please introduce yourself and let us know you're reading my rambling :)

Our Best Wishes that 2011 will be your Best Year yet!!

See you next week!

Dean and Leah

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