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Monday, February 7, 2011


Good Morning Everyone! I find our readership is growing and that is thrilling. Welcome! Leah and I hope that our little blog will be an asset to your therapy, or your classroom, or even your kitchen table if you are homeschooling your children. Our solitary purpose in doing this blog is to share everyday practical ideas and resources that have worked for us!

Today’s online resource comes from across the pond in Birmingham, UK and the website is:,index&25=n

At this website you will find numerous activities for use with whiteboards. The link we have provided will take you straight to their Grid For Learning page. From there you’ll be able to access 3 basic areas: Foundation, Primary, and Secondary.

In the Foundation area you will find four basic pages: Communicating, Investigating, Mathematics, and Other Subjects. Communicating offers activities that promote communication skills in general. There are 17 specific links in this one section alone. Some of the links are from BBC shows and following those will open up even more activities. Some examples are: Body Parts This is a simple interactive activity for students with English as a second language. It develops their reading and speaking skills. This activity allows you to create your own character and then talk and write about the person you have invented. Jack and the giant A BBC Rolymo story focuses on growing up. It is a variation of the Jack and the beanstalk story. At the end the children are invited to look at the story sequence which is a good whiteboard activity.

Investigating offers six links to delightful activities such as the following examples: Young Animals This activity can be used to explore life processes and living things as you match the animals to their young. Tidy the Classroom This activity can be used to develop children's 'mouse skills' and enhance their hand/eye co-ordination. Simple Patterns Simple shape and picture patterns for the children to complete. It involves colors recolonization too. There are worksheets to print with similar activities.

Mathematics offers fun little activities for shapes, patterns, counting, number recognition and number bingo, etc. Here are a few samples: Building Blocks A 3D shape sorting game where children have to differentiate between different shapes and colors. Butterfly Match Counting and matching activity from Crick Primary School. These activities are useful for developing mathematical language.

Other Subjects hit upon safety, survival guide, and mouse skills A few examples: Tidy the Classroom This activity can be used to develop children's 'mouse skills' and enhance their hand/eye coordination. Safe Places This activity takes children on a trip around some familiar places in their homes and neighborhood. The aim of the activity is to encourage children to consider where it is safe to play and where it is not. Survival Guide This is a simple multi-lingual resource, supported by audio, which helps non-English speaking recent arrivals to gain basic communication skills.

The other two major areas on this website are Primary and Secondary and they focus on English, Math and Science. I won’t elaborate on those because by now you have a good feel of the type of things you’ll find at this site.

We hope you’ve found something useful that you can implement into your daily work.

Have fun with your kids this week and we’ll see you next Monday with the 3rd of our 4 part series on interactive online resources.

Leah and Dean

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