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Monday, February 21, 2011


Good Monday Morning to All!

I hope you have time to thoroughly investigate today’s featured site because it is a good one! Grab a cup of coffee and just leisurely browse because I am sure you will find things you can implement in your therapy next week. I am purposefully keeping my comments brief because time spent browsing will be of more benefit to you.

We said we were going to be sharing interactive resources for whiteboards and this one is great! Check out, This is what they tout about themselves, “The best, free Interactive Whiteboard Resources. Regularly updated to save you time!” Well, I must say they live up to the boast! Here you will find whiteboard activities for Math, Literacy, Science, Biology, Religious Studies, History, Geography, Art, and Music.

I recommend you begin your perusal by clicking the Literacy button from the menu pane on the left. You will then be presented with a dropdown menu by age level. Foundation is ages 3-5; Key stage 1 is ages 5-7; Key Stage 2 is ages 7-11; Key Stage 3 is ages 11-14 and Key Stage 4 is 15-16 year olds. Each of these levels present many categories from which to choose your whiteboard activity. There are some very cute activities here that I am sure your kids will enjoy.

For your little ones you’ll find activities for Letters & Sounds, Stories, and Songs and Rhymes in the foundation level.

At Stage 1-our kindergarten-1st grade level, you will find activities for Sounds and Letters, Punctuation, Words and Spelling, Learning to Read, Writing, and Stories.

Moving on to Level 2 we are presented with the categories of Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling, Poetry, Writing, Stories, Speaking and Listening, and Shakespeare.

Level 3 provides fun things for Speaking and Listening, Poetry, Writing, and Shakespeare.

Literacy Fiction & Non-Fiction, Poetry, Shakespeare, and Speaking are the topics for the 15-16 year olds.

All that I have just stated is just the literacy level. If you are interested in the other subject areas you will be just as delighted. This site has much to offer to everyone.

Next week we will begin sharing printable resources. You will not want to miss that series!

Do not get so caught up in work that you forget to have fun this week!

Leah and Dean

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