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Monday, February 14, 2011



Happy Valentine’s Day my little Sweeties! I hope your world is filled with many hugs and kisses today! …ok, a little chocolate wouldn’t hurt either….


Today we’re sharing a “sweet” site that offers us educationally relevant PowerPoints. These power-points come from Graves County school district in Kentucky.

Got a topic and need a power-point? You will probably find one here. At the Elementary Level there are over 150 PowerPoints at your fingertips! Allow me to list the categories for you:

· Science

· Math

· Social Studies

· Language Arts

· Preschool

· Counseling

· Vocabulary

· Phonics

· Art

· Music, and many more

The above link will take you directly to the page with all powerpoints highlighted in blue, meaning they are ready for you to mouse over and click.

As they say in infomercials on TV, “And that’s not all,” If you delete the “elementary” from the address bar you will be directed to a page where you can then go to Middle School and High School powerpoints! I think there is around 37 powerpoints for middle school and approximately 72 for high school. Again they are in the basic academic areas.

Even if there is nothing here that you can readily use, why not share the love and this site with the teachers at your school?

We hope you continue to share loving feelings with your kids this week because every child is worthy of love!

Leah and Dean

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