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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abe and George Presidents Day Game (again)

Last year I offered the Abe & George Presidents Day game to you all for free.  It was well received and I bet I emailed it out to about 400 SLPs & teachers!   To my surprise I have been receiving emails again requesting the pdf.  So indulge me as I tell everyone again how/where you can get it.  It is still FREE by the way :)

This game can be frustrating challenging to play so adapt it to make it fun for your sessions.

It is now available year round in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Please go download it and share the link with your friends.  While you are there why not pick up the other free games in my store!  

I would ask that if you like my games to please click the "Follow Me" button and never miss being informed when I upload new games and activities.   Also, please leave feedback on your downloads and get credits towards your next purchases from TpT.

Have fun with your kids in therapy!

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