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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"March" Into 25% OFF Spring Games

The winter has not been so bad in my little world, but I am not a cold weather person, so I find myself yearning for SPRING.  It's the rebirth, the awaking of sleepy headed nature, the newness of life and the anticipation of summer fun that thrills my soul.  I know it's at least 3 weeks until it is officially SPRING, but I can't wait!  Along with my daydreaming about warm sunny days came a spurt of creativity.  So today I want to share with you 3 of those little creations, and offer them to you at a limited time discount of 25% off.  They will be selling for $2 after this sales event, but for this introductory promotion you can get them for $1.50! This discount will be in effect from Mon. 2/25/13 through Thurs. 2.28/13.  This is a great time to buy one of my opened ended games to see just how fun they are! I'm a fun person and I love having fun with my kids in therapy.  Those of you who know me personally can attest to that :)  All three of these games are open ended which means you can use any speech or language stimuli as your targets making these appropriate for use in any of your therapy sessions!

1. Flowers and Bees 

 In this game you are collecting flowers to win.

But there are all these pesky bees that get in the way!

Luckily bee hives offer help.

2. Are You a Lucky Leprechaun?


There are two ways to play this game.  You can win by collecting the most coins or by making the most matches.  Vary the rules to keep the game fresh and interesting.  Perhaps you want to have two winners by allowing both ways to win.

3. Rainbows and Smiles


This little board game is packed with fun.  As with the game above there are two different ways to win or you can choose to have two winners for each game.  One way it to be the first person to reach the FINISH space and the other is to be the one with the most SMILES!   We sold this as a ready made game when we operated as 2 Gals Speech Products.  Now you can purchase the download and make your own!

REMEMBER:  When you buy a product from any of us on Teacher Pay Teachers if you leave feedback you get credits which can be applied to your next purchases!  So go in and see if you can rack up some credits by leaving comments before you shop!  If you have any credits on hand you can probably get these games for practically nothing.  I got a $4 download the other day for $1.65 by using my credits!  Cha-ching!!

Also share this with your co-workers and colleagues and don't forget to follow me, please.

"Hoppy" Spring Everyone!

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