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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Storage Solutions for Games & Activities

This post was prompted by a recent question posed to a group of SLPs on Facebook and a tweet from a dear friend of mine.  How do you store your therapy materials specifically games/activities?

That Facebook question garnered numerous responses and here are what I deemed as the top suggestions:

  • 3 Ring Binders --for full page activities (Natalie Synders)
  • Binders --set up by month or theme (Dana Mekowsky Hagan)
  • Crates--filled with file folders or gallon size ziplock baggies (Lauren Lacour)
  • 3x5 index boxes--storage for cards (Patti Trukey Bohlman)
  • Brown Envelops--stored in crates or file cabinets   (SpeechTime Fun)
  • File Box--used same as crates (me & Rachel Jones)
  • Clear Shoeboxes--for game cards and stored on shelves/bookcases (me)

 Now there were a couple of responses that deserved their own recognition:

  1. Natalie Snyders shared her brilliant idea from Pinterest

2. Dana Meskowsky Hagan shared this idea on her SLP for me facebook page

An additional comment to Dana's pencil pouches was to use ziplock baggies and add a strip of Duct tape on the opposite end from the opening and punch holes in the tape to keep in a binder. (Amy Minor said that).  

Isn't Social Media the bomb for sharing ideas?

A couple of my latest downloadable board games on TpT come as 2 page layouts.  A dear friend of mine, Mary Huston, tweeted yesterday that she had come up with a brillant idea for storing them, so let me share that too.

She said to use Velcro.  She attached one strip of the rough velcro side on one end of the game board and the fuzzy velcro side to the other page but on the back. she trimmed the pages so that they would fit perfectly together.  I'm sure my description doesn't make sense so let me use pictures to show you what she did.

So then when she goes to store it away she only has to turn it around and velcro them together as one page.

I replied back to her that I do that but instead of velcro I just tape the 2 pages together with the face side matched up but don't tape the back and they will fold closed for storage. 

Another suggestion I had was to tape the game board to the table so it stays stable when in use.  Since the game is laminated the tape peels off easily. 

So my question to you is how do you store your therapy games/activities?


  1. I have never thought of a scrapbook photo container! What a wonderful way to save space and be organized! Where can you find those?

    1. Since that was not my idea i can't say for sure but my guess would be Michaels, or Hobby Lobby or AC Moore...any of your craft stores. You might even find something like that at WalMart. I din't she says in her Pinterest pin :(


  2. Sorry, I didn't mention it in my pin, but I bought my photo storage boxes from Amazon, although they are also available in any crafting store! They are great for travelling between schools, because you can just take the little envelope that you need with you, and not the entire box.

  3. What a great post! I feel organizationally inspired! Thank you!!

    1. Well the thanks go to all those creative gals I mentioned! Like you I thought they were GREAT ideas!

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